Let's recharge the world

What is Energy ConFusion?

Energy ConFusion is a business meetup and conference focused on clean energy solutions. A meetup centered around the most exciting ideas and cutting-edge energy solutions the world needs to mitigate climate change. The main areas of discussion will be electrification, energy storage and smart energy solutions. Energy ConFusion offers a mix of conference, events, exhibition areas and matchmaking opportunities aimed at building a new business and co-operation ecosystem in the north of Sweden.

Who will be there?

Decision makers, innovators, investors, corporates and organizations who are working on solutions for reduction of the CO2 footprint and climate change problems.

Why join us?

If you believe that new technology and clean energy are vital components to fight climate change and you want to be a part of the solution to reduction of the CO2 footprint.
If you are looking for new business partners or want to hang out with old ones.
If you want to promote your smart and sustainable solution or looking for a solution to your upcoming electrification journey.
If you have never seen the midnight sun.

What about the name?

It is a meeting filled with energy, new people and business partners in a creative fusion. We need to highlight the fascinating development and diversity of energy solutions for the future. The world is simply confused!

About the region

As you might know, Sweden has been at the top of the EU Innovation Index for several years.
Northern Sweden plays a huge role in this success. Not only can we offer the most affordable renewable clean energy in Europe but we’re also a world leader in mining and recycling of metals. In addition to having very high levels of competence in bio-based energy technology, including research and innovation.

Our partners

We are doing this in a strong partnership. Read more about our partners.


This is where you meet and greet with people connected to the clean energy sector in different ways. Do you want to display your brand or work? Contact us!


If you are a startup company you can participate, connect and pitch.