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It's all about the people.

Energy ConFusion is all about bringing together brilliant business people, startups, investors and scientists to discuss electrification, energy storage and smart energy solutions. Focus will be on innovation for the future industry, solutions to enable a clean energy future .

If you are interested in speaking or have a speaker recommendation, please email info@energyconfusion.com.

Speaker information, will be supplied continuously as we receive it.

  • Anna Olin Kardell


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  • Mikael Staffas

    President and CEO of Boliden

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  • Peter Carlsson

    Founder of Northvolt

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  • Jenny Larsson 

    Local Sales and Marketing Manager of ABB Power Grids Sweden

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  • Inger E. Pedersen

    Senior Business Advisor at North Sweden Energy Agency

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  • Mats Gustavsson

    Director Group Energy of Boliden

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  • Ylwa Alwarsdotter

    Executive Vice President Business Development of SEKAB

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  • Eric J. Vettel

    President of the American Energy Society

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  • Andreas Stubelius

    Portfolio Manager of the Swedish Energy Agency

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  • Jennifer Dung

    Head of Energy in Transport and Mobility at InnoEnergy

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  • Lowina Lundström

    EVP Electricity System Operator of Svenska Kraftnät

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  • Albin Carlén

    Director Smart Grids and Internationalisation of Swedish Smart Grid Group

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  • Mårten Björk

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  • Susanna Campbell

    Investor and Board Professional

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  • Geir Bjørkeli

    CEO of Corvus Energy

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  • Karin Hedlund

    Vice President and CFO of Umeå Energi

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  • Tomas Kåberger

    Industrial Growth Executive at InnoEnergy

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  • Mikael Nordlander

    Head of R&D Portfolio Industry Decarbonisation at Vattenfall

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  • Gustav Hasselskog

    CEO and founder of Candela Speed Boat

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  • Erik Ronne

    Vice President Innovation at Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE)

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  • Emma Nehrenheim

    Chief Environmental Officer of Northvolt

  • Björn Aronsson

    Managing Director at Hydrogen Sweden 

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  • Tomas Häyry

    Mayor of the City of Vaasa

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  • Bo Normark

    Thematic Leader for Smart Grids and Energy Storage at InnoEnergy

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  • Tina Thörner

    Former co-driver in rally and hostess at Drivecenter Arena June 3rd

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  • Anders Nordin

    Professor Energy Technology, Thermochemical Biomass Conversion

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  • Stefan Forsgren

    Business Area Director Power System at Skellefteå Kraft

  • Elisabet Söderström

    Secretary General of Sweden-China Trade Council

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  • Fredrik Jonsson

    Business Innovation Manager at Skellefteå Kraft


  • Filip Gardler

    Founder and CEO of Opibus

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  • Kenneth Widell

    Sr Project Manager at Wärtsilä

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