Pre-tours (June 3rd)

Energy ConFusion 2019 has ended. Thank you to all the partners, speakers, exhibitors and visitors who made the event a success. See you next time!


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During the conference you will be able to participate in exciting pre-tours, where you will visit interesting objects in the area. Buses will depart from Scandic Hotel in Skellefteå (except for the pre-tours in Umeå). These pre-tours are additions to the conference-passes. To participate you will have to book one of the passes presented here>>

Northvolt Ett


Northvolt was founded with the mission to build the world's greenest battery, with a minimal carbon footprint and the highest ambitions for recycling, to enable the European transition to renewable energy. Northvolt's first large-scale battery factory will be established in Skellefteå. As a part of a raw material and mining cluster Skelllefteå has a long history of process manufacturing and recycling. The factory in Skellefteå, Northvolt Ett, will serve as the main production site.

The first part of the factory will be completed in 2020 and it will be expanded gradually until full capacity of 32 GWh is reached. Northvolt, Skellefteå municipality and Skellefteå Kraft have created a joint project organisation regarding how the work will be carried out.

Join a visit to Northvolt Ett and get a glimpse of the challenges and opportunities within the project. 

  Bus transfer departure 14.30 from Scandic Hotel, Skellefteå

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Sustainable Energy Solutions


The two CHP plants owned by Umeå Energi at Dåva is the heart of Umeå district heating and cooling supply and the north of Sweden's largest power plant based on solid fuels. The plant minimizes emissions by advanced filtering systems.

Next to the CHP plant we find the worlds northernmost algae pilot. The goal is that algae cultivation will reduce the CHP plant's CO2 emissions and at the same time purify municipal wastewater, composting leachate or residual streams from for example pulp and paper industry to minimize over-fertilization of our waters.


The tour takes place in Umeå and bus departure to Dåva from Umeå center is at 12.30. The tour starts at 13.00.


Observe: The buss will go directly from the pre tour to the tepee dinner and inauguration of the conference Energy ConFusion at the TCR race track at Drivecenter Arena in Fällfors outside of Skellefteå.

 Bus transfer from Norrlandsoperan (Operaplan 7), Umeå at 12.30

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Zero Sun


Over the past year, over six hundred people, including the King of Sweden, have come to see Zero Sun up close. Building a house that runs completely on its own solar power is one thing. Trying to succeed in Skellefteå, a place where sunlight is mostly absent for months at a time, is something else entirely.

Zero Sun is Skellefteå Kraft's real-time experiment aiming to make solar technology more accessible and thus making it another piece in the puzzle to switching Swedish society to 100 per cent renewable energy by the year 2040.

If we can make it here, we can make it anywhere. 

  Bus transfer departure at 14.30 (fully booked) 15.30 from Scanidc Hotel Skellefteå.

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